On the site of Shed 25, we are proud to bring you Water’s Edge

At Water’s Edge we asked ourselves how working environment impacts on creative thinking and productivity? How much easier would it be to focus on the task in hand with a supply of fresh, clean air flowing through your open plan workspace, at just the right temperature? What if the broadband was ultra-fast? Would blue-sky thinking come easier if you had your own waterside terrace? And wouldn’t it be great if there were other like-minded teams and individuals sharing the building and generating a creative community spirit? Would full management of the building and a calendar of exciting industry and public events to fire imagination be too much to ask?

That all sounded ideal to us – so we’re building it for you right in the heart of the city.

From offices accommodating 50 people through to co-working desks, you’ll find the perfect flexible workspace for your business to thrive here. It’s the workplace, reworked.

For more information email: info@tayforth.com
Press Enquiries: Fraser 01738 700134 | 07531 090912

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Camperdown Street, Dundee, DD1 3ND

New building flythrough of Water’s Edge